MNA - Sede di Trieste

PNRA Expedition: 
VI (1990-1991)
Chief Scientist: 
F. Giorgetti (Univ. Trieste)
Research Project: 
Sedimentology and seabed sampling
Sedimentology Principal Investigator: 
M. Ravaioli (CNR Bologna)
Sampling Method: 
Gravity Core
Collected Area: 
Drygalski Basin (Ross Sea)
Collected date: 
Water depth (m): 
Core length (cm): 
Number of Sections: 
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    Preliminary Description: 

    The x-ray is characterized by levels without sediment. The sediment is mainly homogeneous and dense with scattered clasts (length: millimetric to pluricentimetric) and some density changes. There are some weak laminations up to 330 cm.